About JobBooks

For the last 35 years, ComputerEase has serviced mid-size contractor businesses with our enterprise ComputerEase software solutions. As of this year, we will be addressing small-business contractor businesses with our new product, JobBooks. If you’re a small-business contractor and you’re looking for a solution and the support to better meet your unique business needs, we suggest you consider JobBooks. The transition is smooth and at a competitive rate to what you may already be using.

About ComputerEase

Contractors face unique challenges every day – so many that you need a system specifically built with the construction industry in mind. For over 35 years, ComputerEase Software has been the leader in business management solutions for large and mid-size construction companies, helping over 50,000 contractors succeed every day. We don’t answer to shareholders or investors. We only answer to you. That is our promise and our word is our bond.


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Since 1983, ComputerEase has developed cutting edge, integrated construction accounting and project management software.