JobBooks License Agreement

The JobBooks Advisor Program is designed to strengthen the relationship between Advisors and their JobBooks user clients.

The annual JobBooks Advisor Program period is September 1 through August 31 of each year. There is no charge associated with the initial application or the renewal each September 1 following the initial application. However, the JobBooks Advisor Program agreement is applicable for all periods.

This program is designed to allow an Advisor with existing JobBooks clients to move said clients’ data files to the Advisor’s office for review and to help the Advisor support his or her clients who use JobBooks Software.

This software cannot be sold, used for client write-up or put on any unauthorized customer site. It is understood that the undersigned will not disclose any information about this software to anyone except his or her clients.

Advisor will not make copies of the software and has agreed and signed the current JobBooks License Agreement.


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